We focus on our favorite destinations: Turkey, Spain, Central Europe and the Dalmation Coast. Rather than spread ourselves thin, we will take you to the destinations we know best. By paying attention to all the details and offering you an unusual and unique travel opportunity, we ensure that you receive all and more than we promise.


Our tours are limited to 15 guests. This gives us opportunity to pay attention to each guest. These small groups give you the chance to meet local people and be a part of events that are impossible with larger groups. With us, you can stay in small, boutique hotels near the heart of each city, as well as enjoy the regional cuisine and charismatic staff at the many marvelous small restaurants we have found. Our aim is to offer tours with the economy of group rates, yet the personalized travel that meets your particular needs and interests.


Our primary concern is, of course, your safety and comfort. For this reason, each trip is carefully planned. But, we are also aware that your most memorable moments will be the unplanned ones – the joyful, spontaneous things that unexpectedly appear. We are always ready to help you discover and enjoy these moments. We provide you with an unforgettable travel experience enriched with knowledge of the culture, history and art of each place, whether it's on the itinerary or not.