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TEO World Culture Tours, the premiere boutique travel company, announces our “Adventures 2020.” We are offering tours to international destinations that we consider perfect choices for your leisure time. Each place is home to rich cultural traditions, luxury hotels and resorts, sophisticated dining and shopping, and a solid tourism infrastructure. These are also destinations where private touring really does make a difference. Our small groups do give you the chance to see each place the way the local people do. Each day is tailored to your personal interests, schedule, level of energy, and travel preferences.


Journey to the Roots of Western Civilization; Greece, Crete, Patmos, Ephesus, Rhodes And Mykonosnew!!

Greece is certainly the birthplace of modern democracy, theater, and Olympic sports. One of the highlights of our trip is sure to be the exploration of Athens, the world’s most classic city. Renowned as the home of many of the world’s greatest philosophers, Athens is a modern city of great vibrancy that cherishes its past. On our comfortably paced land itinerary, it is combining highlights of the Greek mainland with actively planned cruise to the loveliest of the Aegean islands. We will visit the site of the first Olympic Games and marvel at the fabled Delphi Oracle. We will see Byzantine castles and monasteries amidst some of Greece’s most spectacular mountain sceneries. We will cruise along the route taken by Jason and his legendary Argonauts as we make our way to Turkey, where we will visit Ephesus, one of the world’s most impeccably preserved ancient sites. On our tour we will have chance to visit many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We will make leisurely stops at Aegean islands and cities whose names evoke mystery, romance, carefree lifestyles, and centuries of history—Heraklion, Santorini, and Rhodes.

DATES: Trip 1: May 4-May 22, Trip 2: Aug 31-Sept 18, Trip 3: Oct 05-Oct 23.


We will offer this, our most popular tour, four times this year. Starting in Turkey's capital city, Ankara, we will move south to the spectacular valleys and underground churches of Cappadocia.
Then, along the beautiful Mediterranean and Aegean coasts we will explore some of Turkey's most famous historical sites including Ephesus and Troy. Traveling along highways once used as ancient caravan routes, we will see Greek temples, Roman ruins and early Christian sites . Throughout the trip we will meet the Turkish people of today in both modern cities and small villages.

DATES: Trip 1: Mar 20-April 5; Trip 2: Sep 19-Oct 5; Trip 3: May 23-Jun 6; Trip 4: Jul 17-Jul 31.

Prague to Budapest, Magnificent Cities

The jewels of this tour are the four vibrant and historic capitals: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Each city has its own fascinating history, visible through its castles and cathedrals as well as its lively contemporary life. We will travel through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. While enjoying the people and culture of each country, we will experience the special qualities of their music, art, crafts and cuisine. All this in addition to the lovely scenery, which includes such famous rivers as the Danube and Vitava.

DATES: Trip 1: June 25- July 5; Trip 2: July 6- July 16.

Seven Churches In The Foot Steps Of St Paul and St. John

On this wonderful trip, you will explore the seven cities in which St. St. John preached and the churches established there shortly after. A visit to these ancient cities is more than just viewing ruins, it is an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of men who established one of the world's great religions, right here in ancient Anatolia. For those who have limited time, but want optimum impact, this tour is a great opportunity.

DATES: Trip 1: Apr 22 - Apr 30; Trip 2: Aug 18 - Aug 26; Trip 3: Oct 29 - Nov 6.

Turkey’s Biblical East

Eastern Turkey is often called “The Cradle of Civilizations.” Here, you will see Old Testament sites like Mt. Ararat and the birthplace of Abraham. We will take you to the fascinating remains of a once great trading center, Ani, where you can now look across a river to present-day Armenia. This is a trip of surprises and of startling contrasts in scenery. You will see famous tourist sites like the Sumela Monastery and the huge statues atop Mt. Nemrut. But, you will also experience places to which few visitors venture.

DATES: Trip 1: May 1-May 23, Trip 2: Aug 27-Sept 18, Trip 3: Oct 06-Oct 28.

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