Dear Tamer,
I just wanted to thank you for showing me your beautiful country; both east and west. I have been all over the world and travelled with many tour companies, but non even came close to Teo World Culture Tours. You made the two tours I did with you very exciting and memorable, You are like a walking encyclopedia and you treated your guests like royalty. You always went above and beyond what would have been expected of a tour guide and I want you to know how much I appreciated it. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I will definitely be touring with you again in the future.
Take Care,

Debbie Reid, CA

Dear Tamer,
And we all promise to return, to the endless movement of Istanbul, to the dancing water that circles this beautiful country, to its savory and sweet cuisine, to its foreign but soothing music, to its unique and incredible landscape, to its amazing and warm people...
And everything else that is Turkey! So, Tamer, our fearless leader...
We all shall return!
Tesekkur ederim

Agnes Hassel, NY

Dear Tamer,
Thank you very much for organizing and being with us for a trip of a lifetime. We loved it!! So many wonderful times and memories.
See you in La Jolla in January.

Jane and Eric Sagerman, CA

Hello Tamer,
Well, here it is almost 2 months since we first meet up with you in Istanbul for an amazing trip. Wes and I have just returned to San Jose after an extended Odyssey. We look back on our time in Turkey with you as one of the best trips we have taken. You did a super job and everyone in our little band of travelers has nothing but praise for you and TEO Travel. You went above and beyond the call of duty for everyone one of us--getting concert tickets, making an unscheduled stop at the Greek Orthodox headquarters in Istanbul, and chasing all over town to get Wes the tape he needed to clean his camera head! What service. We're all still talking about the amazing trip up the Bosporus on the yacht.
Yes, we love you.

Dorothea French, CA

We told our girls all about you and how you made our stay so enjoyable. We had many good things to say about Turkey. We raved about the good food in Turkey too and will pass this on to our friends. We remember you fondly Tamer and best wishes to you, your wife, and families.

Mary Esther and Michael Obremskey

Margaret and I want to thank you for the wonderful and much to quick guide service that you provided for us last May 6 through 9. We really enjoyed our trip to Istanbul, and, thanks to your excellent assistance, we saw far more than we should have been able to in only two days. We really enjoyed your sense of humor and ability to adapt to ours! :-) Your technical knowledge and cultural assistance was an additional benefit that we did not expect.
Thank you again for a delightful time,

Sincerely Nelson Miller -- Seattle

Hi Tamer,
I can't thank you enough for looking after my friend. She is very happy with what you have come up with. I told her you were good.
I keep telling people how much I enjoyed my tour of Turkey and have told Richard that I would like to return not only to see more but to come and see you both.
Keep well and safe

Catherine Fullford, Fyshwick

Dear Mr. Tamer Teoman
Back in Switzerland and I would like to thank you once more for you highly professional guidance while visiting Istanbul. Your information given to me is very useful for my journalistic work. I wish you all the very best for your future and I hope to see sometimes somewhere again.
With my best regards

Walter Senn, Verlag destination Walter Senn, Switzerland

Dear Tamer
We both wanted to wish you and your wife all the best in the New Year. We also want to tell you again how much we appreciated your expertise and friendship as or tour guide. We have told many of our friends of our wonderful experiences and that Turkey is safe and has much to offer travelers.
Best regards and Gunaydin,

Berm and Vi Layer

Tamer, you became part of our family on our vacation to Turkey. You combined the perfect explanation of culture, history with the information that we would find in a guidebook and the information that you do not find in a guidebook. Best of all you shared that information in an understandable, memorable and enjoyable manner. You are the perfect guide. I would even consider letting you take us on a tour of Newark.

Joel and Ellen Henkin; East Brunswick, New Jersey

Hi Tamer
You've probably forgotten that bunch of impossible South African tourists from Kenya Airways some months ago but, in case you haven't, I want thank you profusely for all your help and the incredible information you managed to provide us with in the jam-packed two days we spent in stunning Istanbul. It was a treat and contributed greatly to the wonderful time I (and no doubt the rest of the group) had in that wonderful city.
Thanks again for all your patience and for opening my eyes to your city and your culture.

Mary Alice Farquharson; Sunday Times, South Africa.

Hello Tamer
I hope that this message reaches you before you leave on your trip to America. Time has gone so quickly that it's hard to believe that it's been over a month since we returned to California from your beautiful country. I thank you again for leading our wonderful trip through Turkey. I have organized and enjoyed viewing my slides. It amazes me how much we saw and did during our visit.
When you come to Southern California please let Jane or me know if you have time for us to be your hosts (or hostesses) sometime during your visit. Jane, my husband Lloyd, and I would be happy to show you a bit of our state and share some California cuisine with you.

Judy Glick ; Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Tamer
Elaine and I have much for which to thank you: the excellent tour, the beautiful vase, the arrangements for our final trip to the airport, and for teaching me the most important word in any language but which brought smiles on everyone's face when I tried to pronounce it in Turkish.
We look forward to seeing you in New York and meeting your wife.

Irwin M. Berg

Thank you for sharing your wonderful country with us. We learned so much and appreciate the beauty and culture of Turkey.
Please remember you have new friens in US.

Bernie &Jackie

Dear Tamer,
We would like to thank you most sincerely for your exceptional job as a guide for us. Your knowledge is so vast and your passion for Turkey is both apparent and contagious, you have given us a great understanding of the political, social, cultural and geographical aspects of this memoriable country. For this, we will remember you always.
We want you to know that whenever you are in Los Angeles, especially with your lovely wife, it would be pleasure to have you stay at our home.

Roxie Esterle, CA